Dom Capers on LaDarius Gunter: ‘He competes every down’

Posted by Mike Spofford on January 19, 2017 – 6:04 pm

170119-gunter-950GREEN BAY — The Packers’ three coordinators met with the media on Thursday after practice. Here’s a sampling of their key comments:

Special teams coordinator Ron Zook
(on Crosby at the end of the Dallas game)

“Every kicker loves to be in that situation, loves that opportunity. I looked at his face. They’re going to rev it up and come as hard as they did, and the protection was good. It’s 11 people involved in that instance. The snap has to be prefect, the hold has to be perfect and the protection has to be perfect. There wasn’t a concern about having enough leg. He kicked a couple 60-yarders in pregame and felt good about it.”

(on Falcons returner Eric Weems)

“He is a guy that’s just hard, hard, hard to get on the ground. Not the biggest returner, but he leads them in tackles on special teams. He’s probably their bell cow. He returns both punts and kickoffs. I made a whole thing of clips of guys missing him and him bouncing off guys. We talked to our guys this week, we have to get him on the ground.”

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett
(on the WR situation)

“From a rehab standpoint, they’re doing everything possible. The training staff is also helping them. We feel confident with the guys that we have. It’s early in the week. At some point, it’ll work itself out. This is why you play the game, to put yourself in this type of position, to compete for a world championship. When you look at it from that standpoint, you’re going to do everything possible to be a part of it and play.”

(on whether the Falcons will move Beasley around, or if he’ll go strictly against Bulaga)

“We’ll have to wait and see. They’ve done a number of different things on tape, as far as moving him around. Once we line up and get going, I’m sure we’ll find out.”

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers
(on the Falcons’ offense)

“Their statistics speak for themselves. They’ve got two really good running backs. They’re very productive, not only running the ball, but between them I think they have 85 receptions. They throw the ball a lot to the running backs, and they’re a big part of their offense. Matt Ryan is having a career year. He throws with timing, knows where he’s going with the ball. They can spread you out, run a lot of empty sets. They’ve got a lot of weapons.”

(on Brice filling in for Burnett)

“‘KB’ has really done a good job. You saw him make a couple really nice tackles. The ball spilled out one time and he was able to get Elliott by the feet and trip him up, and if he doesn’t get him, he’s going for big yardage. He has pretty good athletic ability and speed, and he’s a tough guy. He’s probably played more than we’ve anticipated, but that’s helped him.”

(on Falcons RB Freeman)

“He’s got a real physical play style. You have to do a good job tackling him. He broke a few tackles last week against the Seahawks, one of the better tackling teams in the league. Coleman, he can break the big one with his speed. They have different running styles.”

(on Gunter going against top WRs)

“You see his competitiveness. He competes every day on the practice field. He does a good job at the line of scrimmage, getting his hands on people, disrupting their routes. He competes every down, and those are qualities you have to have if you’re going to go against some of these receivers. You win some, you lose some, but he does a good job of fighting back to get in position to make some of his plays. We’ve put the hat on him a few times, and he’s normally risen to the occasion.”


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