The Last Word: Packers-Cardinals postgame quotes

Posted by Duke Bobber on August 9, 2013 – 11:39 pm

(opening statement) “Tonight’s contest, obviously not exactly where you would like to start in preseason game No. 1. Tonight here on our home field, as you look at the game, from my view, the things that I was able to evaluate, the first thing that jumps out, offensively, was obviously the turnovers. Everybody has a formula for success, and our ability to take care of the football, it’s something that all teams obviously stress, but we have a time commitment and an emphasis on a daily basis. Both our turnovers tonight factored into points for Arizona. We did not take care of the ball; we did not take the ball away. I don’t think we did a very good job when we had opportunities, particularly the second and third man in, whether it was our coverage units, or our defense trying to take the football away. You’ve got to take care of the ball and take it away. The big plays against our defense were a factor. Our offense’s inability to convert third downs and extend drives was a factor. The big play production offensively, it’s something that we obviously have to take a look at the film and look at the opportunities we had there. Everybody got to play tonight. We’ve got a lot of film on a lot of guys. I feel like creating opportunities, which was a focus going into the game, we accomplished that.  We’ll make a harder evaluation on it in the morning. The players are in at nine a.m. for lifting; we will grade the tape, and go through it with the players in the afternoon. This is step one. This is where we are.”

(on if anything positive immediately stands out) “There’s always a couple guys jump out. It’s a little difficult for me personally to watch individuals because I’m calling a game. When you call a game with four different quarterbacks and Aaron and Graham, with their development, and Vince has only been here a couple days, BJ is a younger guy, playing with a lot of younger players, so there’s just a lot of moving parts. There’s going to be things tomorrow, as I stand here, you never feel good when you don’t win a game, but it is the preseason. There were good things to come out of it, and then there will be things that were not very good. But you’re going to definitely see that they were correctable. That’s why you evaluate the tape, and that’s why you spend the extra time with the players.”

(on Graham Harrell’s interception) “I think the interception, not seeing a clear replay of it, I think the quarterback and the receiver will both be corrected on that, based on what I saw. That’s probably going to be more clear once we watch the video.”

(on Vince Young) “My goal with Vince was to get him about 10 or 12 snaps. He’s only been here a couple days. Just wanted to get him where he can go play quarterback. If you’ve been down at practice, particularly yesterday’s practice, I didn’t think I did a very good job of getting him things he’s comfortable with. We were able to spend some time this morning and ironed out a package for him. I thought he did some nice things. I’m trying to think of his two third downs. He had the one competitive throw, with the contact on their sideline, and he had the one that was dropped. We had a double move shot, I’m not exactly sure what happened there, why the ball wasn’t thrown or how the route ended up. It was good just to get him out there. I wanted to get him out there. He hasn’t played football in a year. Obviously, the quarterback position is a little different than playing other positions, so I was happy to get him in the game, get him in the flow of the game and definitely get him started, and we’ll try to do more with him next week.”

(on the performance of Tyrone Walker) “Tyrone Walker obviously had a productive night with his performance, with the five catches. I think he’s an excellent example of the whole wide receiver group. They’ve gone out competitively every day and performed. I thought he definitely took a step tonight.”

(on whether James Starks scored on the first drive) “I don’t think my opinion really matters, but it sure looked like it on the replay. We’ve got that beautiful replay board up there and it seemed that his knees may have been off the ground, and he for sure reached the ball across. But it’s still a zero on the scoreboard.”

(on the first drive) “It was OK. You’ve got to cash that in. We converted third down there, James (Jones) made a nice route, nice catch. But we’ve got to get that ball in the end zone. (We had) a little miscommunication on the incompletion on the left side to James (Jones) and then we tried to stuff it up in there from about a yard out. They did a good job on defense of being stout and we’ve got to get seven on the board there, but I think overall it was good for us to move the ball. I think we had over 10 plays on that drive, pretty good tempo and David (Bakhtiari) got his feet wet, which was important for us. We’ve just got to improve, watch this film and move forward.”

(on the play of Bakhtiari) “I didn’t get touched tonight. We had a few dropbacks – I think five attempts – so I’m sure he was pretty good over there. It’s nice when you’re not worried about him and tonight I wasn’t worried about him. He’s a confident kid, I think he’s got a bright future for us. It’s about experience and going against good pass rushers, and next week will be a good challenge with those guys they have in St. Louis.”

(on Graham Harrell’s performance) “I think Graham has had a real good camp. I think he’s made some good plays in practice. Tonight was obviously probably frustrating for him. There were not a lot of opportunities out there. You just have to take care of the ball in the preseason. Preseason football is a different animal though. I’ve been there three years playing with the second unit. It’s tough. A lot of stuff can happen, some confusion at times, so I’m sure they’ll all look at the film. We’ll watch it tomorrow and everybody’s got to get better.”

(on the lack of big plays for the offense) “Our offense was pretty stagnant. We didn’t have the big chunk plays. I don’t know if we had what we call explosive plays after the first drive – the 16-yard pass or the 12-yard run. We just couldn’t run the ball effectively and get those creases and get our back on the safety and didn’t convert in the passing game. (We) had some chances. We’ve got to catch the ball a little bit better and we’ll get better.”

(on the crowd’s size and energy level) “It was louder I think than a preseason game. We didn’t give the fans a lot to cheer about tonight, but it’s exciting to look around that stadium and see how much has changed in my nine years here. The team obviously puts money back in the organization and it’s great to be a Packer.”

(on what he takes away from a game like this) “I think the No. 1 thing for myself, you want to be able to walk out of here, so I’ve got that one checked off. Second, and obviously more important, is you want to move the ball effectively and we did a good job at that. You want to score points. We didn’t have any points tonight on our one drive, so that’s frustrating. I think overall, as Mike (McCarthy) said after the game, the energy wasn’t there. You expect, especially with this many young guys playing, a little more energy from some of those second and third groups. We didn’t have that tonight. I don’t know if we’re a little fatigued or not, but we need to bring a little bit extra next week and start to get this thing working the right way.”


(on his personal performance) “It was a good first game-like scenario. I’m happy where I was, but there’s room to improve. I didn’t feel overwhelmed, that’s probably the best way to put it. ”

(on the biggest difference between practice and the game) “I think the tempo – there’s not a selected number of plays. It can go anywhere from three plays to I think on the first drive we had 12 plays, so that was probably the biggest thing. Then, obviously being in the stadium in front of 80,000 fans and not hitting our teammates is different.”

(on battling any pregame jitters) “To be honest, I think I probably had more jitters in college than I did for this game. Like I’ve been preaching earlier this week, I’ve just kind of been trying to keep a level head and keep a calm mind about it – just playing my game and just playing left tackle. I felt good out there, so I’m going to continue to keep that kind of mindset going forward.”

(on if tonight’s game was a confidence booster for him) “Of course. It definitely makes me feel more comfortable and definitely makes me believe more in myself, but it’s only one half of one preseason game. I still need to get a full game in and see how I can do through four quarters.”


(on his return game) “I love returning. It’s growing on me. It’s definitely new to me, but I love being back there. I have a lot to work on – I’ve got to stop thinking so much and just go attack it – but I enjoy it.”

(on finally playing against another team) “It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to play this game of football. I’ve been away from UCLA for awhile, so I was excited to get out there and play a game.”

(on his experience with the Packers) “It’s been great. Alex (Green) is like my big brother and everybody else is so great and so welcoming. They’re so willing to teach us and help us learn.”

(on his biggest challenge in tonight’s game) “I would say just getting adjusted to the game speed and tempo, things like that. It’s football. Anything new is going to take awhile to get adjusted to. I was excited to get through the first jitters and the first game.”


(on if getting back on the football field was worth the wait) “Yeah it’s been worth the wait. I can’t even explain the feeling that I have to be here right now. I always thought that I would be back; I just didn’t know how long it would take. I just kept praying about it and kept the faith and now I’m here. I’m just pushing to better myself and help better the team, and I’m going to continue to do that in practice and in these preseason games.”

(on the defense’s performance) “We feel pretty good. We’ve just got to keep working hard. We still have three more games in the preseason and we’ve got to continue to work with each other and get better.”

(on the support from Packers fans) “It’s awesome. There are no other fans like the Pack fans. They were there with me from day one and they’re still with me today, and I can’t even explain the way I feel about those fans.”

(on the defensive play today) “Whether it’s Pop Warner, high school or college, a shutout is a shutout, and I’m really proud of our defense. We got our hands on a couple of balls and had a chance for a couple more.”

(on the offensive play today) “We have a long ways to go. We left way too many points on the field and dropped too many easy passes. Overall, I liked the way our older guys played, and some of the younger guys stepped up.”

(on playing two running backs the entire game) “I was really happy we got through the game with two running backs. I can’t say enough about Stepfan (Taylor) and Alfonso (Smith) for stepping up when Rashard (Mendenhall) couldn’t go, but we just weren’t going to push that knee until he is ready to roll.”

(on the offensive line play) “I thought overall our quarterbacks were pretty clean. I’ll have to look at the tape, but I know Carson (Palmer) was real clean and I know Drew (Stanton), for the majority, was clean until he got himself in trouble a couple of times running around. I’m anxious to see the tape.”

(on the goal-line stand) “We talk about defending every blade of grass and they got themselves in a tough situation, but that’s something you can build on.”

(on playing against a real opponent) “It was great. You get sick of seeing each other every day, and I think the two-week mark or two-and-a-half-week mark you get sick of seeing each other. It was good to be back. It’s a small step, but we have a long ways to go before we get to St. Louis.”

(on the protection from the offensive line) “I thought the first and second group did a phenomenal job. I know when I was in I didn’t have anyone around me at all and Drew (Stanton) had a lot of time when he was back there too. It’s good to see the first group go up against a good pass rush like Clay Matthews and all the playmakers they have, and the second group came in and did a good job too.”

(on the defense posting the shutout) “I wasn’t really surprised. You go against the starters, and we know we have a good starting defense, but we have a lot of good backups out there and a lot of guys fighting for jobs. It’s just good to see those guys have a zero on the scoreboard going into halftime, and just to see the pride to keep that zero in the third and fourth quarter, it was really good to see.”

(on getting a win) “It’s good to get a win, but we know it’s the preseason and we realized that we weren’t going to get a lot of opportunities. It’s definitely something to look at and learn from and have some confidence about, but we have to continue to work and we have a long ways to go.”

(on his forced-fumble sack) “I got a good jump on the ball and I was able to get the ball out. It was a good play for the preseason, but I am just trying to get back into regular-season shape.”

(on his new defensive teammates) “We have some really good players here. We have a lot of guys that can makes plays on the ball. We have a lot of older guys that know football and understand that turnovers is what will make a team good.”

(on his interception) “They ran a slant flat combination, it was almost like a pick route and I kind of read it a little bit. I kind of lured the receiver into the pick and I ran over and the quarterback threw it right to me. I beat him to the spot and became a receiver on that play.”

(on the defense tonight) “I thought we had a great game plan tonight. We came out and played fast. We wanted to stop the run early and I thought we played aggressive with the first, second and third group. I thought we got our hands on a lot of balls, batted a lot of balls, and got a couple of turnovers as well.”

(on expectations for the defense this year) “I think we have a better all-around defense this year. I believe that the entire secondary is guys that have been in the league awhile and guys that have been in big games. I believe that we can compete with the best of them.”

(on shutting out Green Bay tonight) “If you pitch a shutout, that is definitely something to get motivated off of, especially with an all new coaching staff and pretty much an all new organization. We came out and played fast, pitched a shutout and we feel great about it.”

(on his touchdown catch) “It was a perfect ball. All that I had to do was run down the field and catch it. We wanted to go deep after the change of possession. It was a good throw.”

(on developing chemistry with QB Carson Palmer) “It is getting better and better every day. That is what we work on in training camp. Obviously it isn’t perfect, nothing is perfect. As long as we get it better by the start of the season we will be pretty happy.”

(on playing in a new offense) “It is a change of course and with change you kind of hesitate about it, but I am enjoying it. I like the coaches and I am especially liking the new offense of throwing the ball down field a lot. As a receiver you have to love that.”

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Packers-Cardinals halftime quotes

Posted by Duke Bobber on August 9, 2013 – 8:59 pm

130809-mccarthy-200HEAD COACH MIKE McCARTHY
(On his impression of the team in the first half) “Well, just what I told the football team, obviously on offense we’ve got to take care of the football with two turnovers, obviously led to scores. And finish drives. We’ve been moving the ball, a lot of productivity, but we’ve got to finish drives and get the points. Defensively we need to tackle better, tighten up the coverage. We need to take away the football. So with that, we need a big play on special teams. We’ve just kind of gone back and forth and hopefully we’ll get it right here on the kickoff return.”

(On what he told the team in the locker room and what he wants to see in the second half) “Win the damn game. We’re here to win. Get the energy up. It’s been a long week, we’ve got that. A lot of guys are getting a big opportunity here in the second half, playing more football than they would normally in Week 1 and just take advantage of it.”

(on finally going against another team) “It felt good. I thought we moved the ball pretty well. We would have liked to get that last one in. It looked like James (Starks) might have been able to stick it over the line there with his knee up. We moved the ball, converted a third down, but wish we could have had some points there.”

(on the long throw to James Jones) “James is an excellent route-runner and he does a good job with his hands. He got on top and he flashed on me and I was able to put the ball in a good spot. It is something we have been working on in practice, just trying to get on the same page and get the timing down. James is going to be a big-time player for us this year.”

(on how much it bothered him to not punch the ball in) “Yeah, it is frustrating. We had a good drive there, started back in our zone. We took it down the field and it would have been nice to have been able to finish that one off and get seven on the board. But it is about improving in the preseason. I thought we got better tonight and we’ve got to get better next week.”

(on his 50-yard reception) “We got one-high, press-man coverage and I was able to knock my guy’s hands down and get on top of him. A-Rod threw a great ball. Man, I didn’t keep my feet though. I was trying to put my hand down, but I think that was a mistake. All my momentum brought me down.”

(on the rhythm of the offense) “It felt good. We were in and out of the huddle and established some tempo like we wanted to do. We drove the ball down there. We’re going to get into trouble because we didn’t put it in. A good drive, but we’ve got to score in the red zone.”

(on the performance of the starting offensive line) “A-Rod had a lot of time. He was throwing the ball well. He had a lot of time to get the ball out. He didn’t really run out of the pocket too much or have to scramble. They did their job.”

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Packers-Cardinals scratches

Posted by Duke Bobber on August 9, 2013 – 6:40 pm

The following players have been ruled out for tonight’s Green Bay Packers-Arizona Cardinals preseason game at Lambeau Field.

Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers
16 WR Kevin Dorsey
17 WR Charles Johnson
18 WR Randall Cobb
26 RB DuJuan Harris
27 RB Eddie Lacy
28 S Sean Richardson
29 CB Casey Hayward
38 CB Tramon Williams
73 T JC Tretter
75 T Bryan Bulaga
77 T Andrew Datko
78 T Derek Sherrod
81 TE Andrew Quarless
82 TE Ryan Taylor
87 WR Jordy Nelson
96 DE Mike Neal
99 DE Jerel Worthy

Arizona Cardinals
10 WR Robert Gill
18 WR Kerry Taylor
23 CB Jamell Fleming
34 RB Ryan Williams
48 LB Dan Giordano
55 LB Karlos Dansby
57 LB Alex Okafor
71 G Daryn Colledge
83 TE Kory Sperry
87 TE Jeff King
92 DT Dan Williams
95 DT Ricky Lumpkin
— DE Cordian Hagans

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