GB resident Berk donates Ice Bowl bunting to Packers Hall of Fame

Posted by on October 9, 2013 – 9:34 am


by Jessica Bedore

The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inc. today announced the donation of a section of bunting from the 1967 NFL Championship “Ice Bowl” game from Green Bay resident Avi Berk.

The bunting is a red, white and blue decorative banner that hung on the railing of the stands around the field. The donation is a rare piece of memorabilia from the iconic game, as the Hall does not have any other bunting from the legendary matchup.

131009-packers-hall-of-fame-250-BBerk, a member of the Green Bay East High School Band, attended the game to play during the pregame and halftime festivities. The band quickly realized that it was too cold for their instruments to function, but most members stayed to watch the remainder of the game.

After the win, Berk said that several members grabbed various items from the field as souvenirs; something that he says was customary after games during that time. Berk remembers many of his fellow band-mates taking end zone corner flags and pieces of the goal post in celebration, and he decided to “borrow the bunting for a few years, knowing it would be returned someday.”

Packers Hall of Fame Inc. archivist Tom Murphy was pleased with the vibrant color that the bunting retained, and attributed it to the fact that Berk had kept it neatly tucked away in a bag in his basement for all these years. Had it been on display in his house, it may have faded and not been in as good shape.

The piece of history will now find its home in the Packers Hall of Fame.

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