What the Packers were saying after Thursday’s win over Saints

Posted by Duke Bobber on September 3, 2015 – 10:44 pm

(opening statement) “I’ll start by saying I’m just very pleased with how we concluded the preseason. The reality of it all is it is obviously always fun to win, and it was a great environment tonight, as it always is here at Lambeau. We competed against an excellent opponent and a very well coached opponent. (I am) just very proud of all of our young players, just reflecting walking off the field and just seeing the smiles and the excitement they are going through in the locker room. When you think about the first day they got here, and thinking about how these guys have improved and really took full advantage of an opportunity tonight. I thought the football game in the second half was impressive and I’m very proud of our young players. You can’t help but think, frankly, now the process starts where we have to prepare to release 22 players. The next 48 hours is one of the toughest things we have to go through as a football operation. We’ll start that process immediately, but just to wrap it up, (I am) very, very proud of our young players with the energy and enthusiasm and just the way they flew around tonight. With that, I’ll take your questions.”

(on Brett Hundley’s progress) “Brett Hundley is a heck of a football player. I always enjoyed watching him on TV when he played for UCLA. Jim Mora does a good job out there. Coming here, he’s just a conscientious young man and wanted to do things right. He fully realized the opportunity that was in front of him, the room that he was in with Aaron Rodgers and the other quarterbacks. I just really like his approach and the way he’s gone about it. He’s picked it up quickly. You don’t really get those reps as a young player. The last two weeks have been huge for Brett just for the fact that he’s been able to get out there and play and see some different things. He’s performed very well. I think he’s off to an excellent start.”

(on the potential of Hundley two or three years from now) “I’m taking it day by day. Brett’s going to work hard each and every day. He has a lot to offer as a young man and we knew that when we drafted him. There’s a lot there to work with. He has a lot in front of him, there’s a lot to learn and it’s been exciting watching him get off to a good start.”

(on how he feels about his receiving corps) “I like our receivers. We’re going to have tough decisions to make and I thought particularly the young guys really stepped up tonight and made plays. Myles White, he’s put two back-to-back games together. It was good to have Jared (Abbrederis) out there. All those guys made plays tonight. We ran the ball well, threw the ball well, the young guys did well.”

(on Jared Abbrederis) “Well, number one, just getting some opportunities. His availability, he practiced the first practice (of training camp) and he was able to practice twice this week. You create a 90-man roster, you go down to 75 and you try to get as much information on each and every player and it was no different with Jared.”

(on if his team is ready for the season) “Ready or not, here it comes. It’s here. But really, the next 48 hours is what’s most important. We’ll make sure we get our 53 set and get our practice squad set. We’ll get going on Chicago on Monday. I’m not really thinking about Chicago right now. We’ve had some preliminary work we were able to get done in training camp. That’s been a benefit. We know that’s going to be a big challenge. We’ll talk about that Monday.”

(on Myles White) “Hard worker. Myles White has been right in the middle of everything. Every time we challenge him, whether it’s in the weight room, he’s responded, whether it’s special teams, he’s responded. I think he’s put together, without watching the tape yet, but it looks like he’s put together two good games.”

(on if he has seen enough from his starting defense to know what he has) “Starting defense, well, we really haven’t played them all together. We’ll be ready. I think, like a lot of things, everybody wants to come out of preseason playing really good football and so forth and so forth. But the longer I do this job, you have to be realistic about these preseasons. They go in different directions. You just have to make sure you get as much accomplished as you can. I’m going to quote Marty Schottenheimer here, it takes two or three games to really establish your team identity. You know what you want to be and how you train, and what you want it to look like, but the reality of it is, until you start playing the real games, that’s when it shows up.”

(on special teams) “They got better tonight. The operation was clean in the punt, the kickoff and the field goals. We had the one field goal rush. I thought the mechanic of the players going in and out (went well), and the fourth game is always the toughest game because obviously you’re operating with less people. But from what I saw, I thought the special teams did a lot of good things.”

(on the cuts among the offensive line) “I think all of our offensive linemen played well tonight. Guys that got the opportunity tonight, from what I saw, I thought they took full advantage of it.”

(on Micah Hyde’s chances of playing in the Bears game) “I haven’t even gone up there on Micah and the guys that were out. We’ll have it for you on Monday.”

(on Demetri Goodson) “I think I’ll have a better handle on it come Monday.”

(on Jared Abbrederis as a punt returner) “Well, just kind of what you saw in college. He’s very natural. He doesn’t flinch. He’s experienced at it, number one. I think any time you see the returner able to have the patience and the cleanness (to) not waste a step on a tight coverage reception tells you a little bit about the guy. He’s got quickness. He has good vision. Just from what I saw on the replays, it looked like his reads were correct. It was good to get him those opportunities.”


(on why things were clicking so well on offense) “It’s just fun to go out there and have some fun. Really, that’s the least I can say. The (offensive) line was doing a great job, the receivers were doing an amazing job. They were winning the one-on-one battles. Running backs were running the football very well and our offense was clicking. We just got out there, had some fun, put some drives together, had a couple big explosive plays and (we were) just having some fun.”

(on if the four TD passes surprised him) “It’s a blessing. I’m just out there having fun and doing what I was drafted to do – play quarterback and have some fun – and I said I’ll work hard when I get here. The hard work is paying off, but I’ve still got a lot to do.”

(on likely being the highest ranked rookie quarterback in the NFL this preseason) “It’s an awesome experience. It’s a blessing. It’s a lot of hard work. It’s great to have the highest rating, but it’s a testament to the guys I’m playing with. The (offensive) line, receivers, running backs – they’re winning, they’re doing their job and we’re all out there just having fun. It’s a blessing to be in that position but I’ve still got a lot of work to do.”

(on how much the coaching staff has changed him in the last five months) “A whole lot. They’ve done a great job. Not only the coaching staff, (but) Aaron Rodgers and Scott Tolzien. They’ve really helped me develop as a quarterback and I still have a lot of stuff to work on, but man, it’s been a fun process. From when I first got here doing OTAs to now, the end of preseason, I felt like I’ve put together a great preseason and I’m just ready to keep working and keep learning.”

(on if he feels he’s better than a practice squad player) “I feel like I still have a lot to learn. I think that’s the easiest way to answer it. I’ve only been in the league for a couple months. I have a lot of faith and confidence in my ability, so I feel like I can play on the field and help any team out. But right now I’ve been called to help out the Packers and I’m having a great time doing it. Aaron (Rodgers) is a great quarterback, Scott’s (Tolzien) a great quarterback and to be able to learn from guys like that and be around this kind of facility is hands down the greatest opportunity any quarterback could ask for.”

(on if he’s prepared for his decreased workload going into the regular season) “It is what it is. Aaron (Rodgers) is the greatest quarterback playing the game right now and it’s an awesome experience for me to put together a preseason like this and now understand that I get to learn and really just see the best quarterback play the game. I always said I wanted to be the best some day and God has placed me in this position to learn from a great quarterback. That’s Aaron Rodgers right now, and I’m going to have a great time doing it.”

(on if he’s created a backup quarterback controversy) “That’s not my position to talk on. I’m just here playing football. I’m going to keep playing football and I’m going to love doing it. I’m having a good time right now playing with the guys that I’m around, and that’s up to the coaches.”


(on the game and his opportunities tonight) “I’m pretty sore right now but it was fun being out there. The crowd was awesome and it was just a fun experience to be out there.”

(on if he did enough to make the team) “I don’t really think about that. There’s nothing you can really do. You run the routes that you’re told, and at the end of the day, whatever happens, happens. So I’m not really worried about it. We’ll see what happens.”

(on his punt returns) “It was fun doing that. Obviously I’d like that one back, but it was fun being out there for the first time. I haven’t played a game in a while so just to be out there is a different experience and it was fun. It took a little bit to get used to, but once it got rolling it was just like old times.”

(on his first game experience since 2014 and taking his first hit) “It was good. It was on the first punt return, so popped right up, felt good and wish I would have taken that one to the house. It was a good time.”

(on his expectations for tonight) “I don’t know. I knew I’d play a lot since we only had limited guys, so I knew I’d have opportunities. You just have to go out there and do your best. It was fun and I was just…I didn’t really have many expectations about what would happen. I was just looking forward to the opportunity to kind of see what it was like, and since I really haven’t played a game in a long time.”

(on getting out on the field finally) “Yeah, it was good to get out there and take a couple shots on my one catch, take a couple hits and pop right up, so that felt good to just not really worry about anything. But it’s been a long trip, last year and the beginning of camp this year, so it was fun to be there and we’ll see what happens.”


(on his level of preparation compared to last year coming out of the preseason) “I think a lot more. Having another year of offense under my belt definitely helps and just being in the meeting room with all the veterans, hearing them talk all the time helps a lot. And obviously this preseason has helped, so I feel a lot more comfortable.”

(on doing anything different since Jordy Nelson was injured) “I’ve tried to keep everything the same. I try to just take notes in meetings, whenever anybody points something out, make sure I write it down so when that time comes I’m in the same spot that he needs me to be. Pretty much just film study, film study whenever I get home, trying to make sure I know where I’m going to be on every route.”


(on the upcoming roster cuts) “I don’t know what they’re going to do upstairs. It’s not my job to make that cut. I think I did my part and we’ll see what happens.”

(on making those cuts a tough choice for management) “Yeah, that’s all I want to do is make it tough on them. If they’ve got to cut me, I just hope they have to look the other way to do it.”

(on good timing with another good performance tonight) “I’m glad I was able to finish strong. It was a blessing and hopefully it was enough.”

(on the biggest difference from last year and grading his performance) “Just overall confidence and knowledge of the offense. The more confident and knowledgeable you can be in the offense, the faster you can play and I think I’m playing at a fast level. My routes are very crisp this year just because I have an understanding of the time frame and the time clock with the quarterback.”

(on going through the experience of final cuts last year) “Yeah, it does…I have a very good mindset this year, just making sure that I do what I can on the field and the chips will fall where they may and I’m at ease with that.”


(on if he was looking up at the scoreboard during his touchdown run) “I kind of was looking up and looking out the corner of my eye at the same time to see where he was at because I was running out of gas about that last 20 yards. Yeah, I kind of peeked out the corner of my eye to track to see where he was at.”

(on the logjam at the wide-receiver position right now) “We’re all on the same page pretty much. Basically I’m with the quarterbacks and we’ve all been working these past couple weeks after Jordy went down and Cobb went down, someone has to step up and that’s all we’ve been going over in the classroom.”

(on the emotion of the next 48 hours) “I did all I can do, that’s all that was asked of me. I can only control what I control. I control my play and I think I played pretty well the time I was out there.”

(on his shoulder and if he’s OK) “I’m definitely OK. I landed on it wrong. It’s a sprain and I should be all right by next week.”

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List of Packers who will not dress vs. Saints due to injury

Posted by Duke Bobber on September 3, 2015 – 4:30 pm

The following players will not dress for Thursday night’s game due to injury:

Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers
18 WR Randall Cobb
33 DB Micah Hyde
39 CB Demetri Goodson
58 LB Sam Barrington
70 G T.J. Lang
88 WR Ty Montgomery
95 DE Datone Jones

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Tolzien, Palmer and Crosby selected as captains vs. Saints

Posted by Duke Bobber on September 3, 2015 – 3:00 pm


As per team tradition, the Packers select game captains each week. Tonight’s captains will be QB Scott Tolzien (offense), LB Nate Palmer (defense) and K Mason Crosby (special teams).

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How to watch Thursday’s Packers-Saints game

Posted by Duke Bobber on September 3, 2015 – 9:00 am


– Kickoff: Thursday, Sept. 3 at 6 p.m. CT

– Watch a replay of the game on your desktop, connected TV, tablet or smartphones with NFL GamePass. Out-of-market fans can watch the game LIVE with NFL GamePass. Start your free trial today.

– If you’re looking for a bar to watch the game, try www.packerseverywhere.comPackers Everywhere was created to let you know where you can gather with other Packers fans to watch games and have all kinds of other Packers-related fun.

– Flagshipped by Milwaukee’s WTMJ-TV and in conjunction with WGBA-TV in Green Bay, the game will be televised over the 16-station Packers TV Network throughout the state of Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, northeastern Minnesota, the Quad Cities, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Waterloo in Iowa, Omaha in Nebraska, Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau in Alaska and Honolulu in Hawaii.

– The top-notch broadcast team includes CBS’s Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) alongside fellow CBS broadcaster Rich Gannon (analyst), with Rod Burks of WTMJ-TV serving as the sideline reporter. An informative half-hour pregame show will air prior to the game, hosted by Lance Allan of WTMJ-TV, and featuring former Packers tackle Mark Tauscher.

– In addition to WTMJ-TV (Milwaukee) and WGBA-TV (Green Bay), preseason games will be televised over WKOW/ABC, Madison, Wis.; WAOW/ABC, Wausau/Rhinelander, Wis.; WXOW/ABC, La Crosse, Wis.; WQOW/ABC, Eau Claire, Wis.; WLUC/NBC, Escanaba/Marquette, Mich.; KQDS-TV/FOX, Duluth/Superior, Minn.; KGCW-TV/CW, Davenport, Iowa (Quad Cities); KWWL-TV/NBC, Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, Iowa; KCWI-TV/CW, Des Moines, Iowa; KMTV-TV/CBS, Omaha, Neb.; KYUR/ABC, Anchorage, Alaska; KATN/ABC, Fairbanks, Alaska; KJUD/ABC, Juneau, Alaska; and KFVE-TV in Honolulu, Hawaii.

– In its fourth season, in conjunction with the Packers TV Network, Telemundo Wisconsin (WYTU-TV in Milwaukee, WACY-TV/My32 in Green Bay/Appleton and on Charter Cable elsewhere in Wisconsin) will broadcast four preseason games with Kevin Holden (play-by-play) and Epigmenio (Epi) Guerrero (analyst) calling the action.

– Milwaukee’s WTMJ (620 AM), airing Green Bay games since November 1929, heads up the Packers Radio Network that is made up of 50 stations in five states. Wayne Larrivee (play-by-play) and two-time Packers Pro Bowler Larry McCarren (analyst) call the action. McCarren first joined the team’s broadcasts in 1995 and enters his 21st season calling Packers’ games. After originally being paired together in 1999, McCarren and Larrivee enter their 17th season of broadcasts together.

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News now! Saints halt Packers’ winning streak

Posted by Vic Ketchman, packers.com editor on October 26, 2014 – 10:33 pm


NEW ORLEANS–The Packers’ winning streak was halted in a 44-23 loss to the Saints on Sunday night.

The Saints game-clinching drive began early in the fourth quarter on an interception of an Aaron Rodgers pass that glanced off Davante Adams’ fingertips. The clinching score was a 2-yard touchdown pass from Drew Brees to tight end Josh Hill with 9:51 to play in the game. The Saints led, 37-16.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers never seemed to be the same after TV caught him favoring his left hamstring following a scramble in the third quarter. As the Saints increased their lead, they also increased their rush on Rodgers, who was playing without starting guard T.J. Lang, lost to an ankle injury early in the game.

One of the defining moments of the second half came with 5:07 to play in the game, when Rodgers broke out of the pocket and limped into the end zone on a 14-yard touchdown run that cut the Saints’ lead to 37-23.

The Saints tacked on one more touchdown for good measure, when Mark Ingram circled left end for a 21-yard touchdown run that pushed the score to 44-23 with 3:16 to play in the game.

At 5-3, the Packers fell a game behind the 6-2 Lions in the NFC North title race.





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News now! Packers trail Saints heading into fourth quarter

Posted by Vic Ketchman, packers.com editor on October 26, 2014 – 9:46 pm

Packers QB Aaron RodgersNEW ORLEANS–The Packers trailed the Saints, 30-16, heading into the fourth quarter of Sunday night’s game in the Superdome.

Mark Ingram kick-started the Saints’ first possession of the second half with a 28-yard run to midfield. On third-and-1, the Saints were stuffed, leaving Coach Sean Payton with a major decision. He went for it and Ingram was stopped; the Packers took over on downs at their 42.

Aaron Rodgers found Randall Cobb for 20 yards to the Saints 39. Eddie Lacy then rumbled through Saints defenders for 19 yards to the Saints 20, and followed with seven more hard-earned yards. Rodgers scrambled for a first down at the Saints 6.

On third-and-goal from the 5, Rodgers’ pass for Quarless was deflected into the air and intercepted. The Saints had dodged a major bullet and had the ball at their 12-yard line.

Ingram continued his pursuit of a hundred yards rushing by ripping off an 18-yard run. Drew Brees found Jimmy Graham twice for gains of 11 and 9 yards, and then came one of the big plays of the game, as Brees hit Brandin Cooks for a 50-yard touchdown. Cooks beat Tramon Williams and Micah Hyde. With 5:35 to play in the third quarter, the Saints led, 23-16. The drive went 88 yards in four plays.

Lacy continued his hard running. He ran through defenders for a first down at the Packers 31. The Packers faced a crucial third-and-7 with 4:19 to play and Rodgers threw to Davante Adams. It was originally ruled a first down but the Saints challenged the spot. Replay review moved the ball back, forcing fourth-and-1. Now it was Mike McCarthy that was facing a major decision. He went for it and Lacy was stopped short of a first down. The Saints took over at the Packers 40-yard line.

Ingram pounded out a first down at the Packers 22, and then Brees hit Jimmy Graham for a touchdown. Graham reached over Tramon Williams to make the catch. The Saints led, 30-16, with 2:06 to play in the third quarter.

The Packers were on the move in Saints territory when the third quarter ended.





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News now! Battle of FGs ends with first half tied

Posted by Mike Spofford on October 26, 2014 – 8:53 pm

Packers WR Davante Adams

NEW ORLEANS — The Packers and Saints traded field goals the entire second quarter, ending the first half tied at 16 Sunday night at the Superdome.

The Packers broke the 10-all deadlock with a field goal early in the second quarter. After a short pass to WR Randall Cobb gave the Packers a first down at the New Orleans 24, the Packers were backed up by a holding call and eventually stalled out, leading to a 49-yard FG by K Mason Crosby with 13:08 left in the half.

The Saints came right back to tie it at 13 on a 15-play, 69-yard drive that took 7:16 off the clock. A 12-yard pass to TE Travaris Cadet converted a third-and-8, and then a 14-yard grab by WR Brandin Cooks got the Saints across midfield. Cooks tipped the pass to himself on the play and caught it on the ground, as Packers S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix just missed a diving interception.

Passes of 9 and 8 yards to WR Marques Colston got the Saints as far as second-and-2 from the Green Bay 10, but the Packers stopped it there. RB Mark Ingram was tackled for no gain by LBs Clay Matthews and A.J. Hawk, and WR Kenny Stills couldn’t shake two defenders in the open field and lost a yard on a short pass. K Shayne Graham was good from 29 yards out with 5:52 left in the half.

The Packers answered with another productive drive. Passes of 16 yards to WR Davante Adams, 22 yards to TE Richard Rodgers and 13 yards to RB Eddie Lacy, followed by a 9-yard Lacy run, got the Packers into the red zone. An offensive pass interference call on Adams, followed by a delay of game, backed Green Bay up, though, and a 14-yard pass to TE Rodgers on third-and-20 was not enough. Crosby was good from 27 yards out, and the Packers took a 16-13 lead with 1:51 left in the half.

The Saints came right back again to tie it as time ran out. Passes of 18 to Cooks and 20 to WR Marques Colston were sandwiched around a Clay Matthews sack. The pass to Colston got New Orleans into FG range, and Graham was good from 37 yards out to tie it at 16.

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Peppers play, onside kick have fans in a frenzy

Posted by Vic Ketchman, packers.com editor on October 26, 2014 – 8:51 pm

ask-vic-half-cenex-600-REVISEGayle from Dallas, TX

First quarter was crazy! Julius Peppers on offense, onside kick early in the game. Why is McCarthy throwing so many tricks out there all at once?

I don’t know, but this game clearly caught the coach’s attention.

Linda from Sheldon, LA

Is there any time you could see Coach McCarthy putting Lacy, Starks and Kuhn in the backfield to really push the running game and confuse the opponents? Seems like it might be a different look.

Julius Peppers at tailback shifting to wide receiver isn’t different enough for you?

Bert from Albany, NY

Overall, I’m sure the Packers are pleased with the offense, but is there any concern for their lack of time of possession?

I’ve lost all sense of time of possession in this game. They’re playing as though the goal is to see which team can score the quickest. I can barely keep up with the pace.

Andy from Medford, WI

How much does the loss of T.J. Lang hurt the running game?

It has to hurt.

Michael from Toronto, Ontario

Love the onside kick call. McCarthy is the man.

It’s kind of 50-50 in my inbox.

Jordan from Madison, WI

What you saw there from Mike McCarthy is him trying to get cute. Slant to Peppers? Onside in the first quarter? Just let the players play.

That kind of football might be gone forever. I watched the Steelers score 51 points today. The Steelers? Roethlisberger threw for 522 yards and six touchdowns. The Steelers?

Spencer from Harbor City, CA

Talk about emptying the bag. I’m sure most people are upset with the call to bring Peppers into the offense, but I’m not. I loved it! As a writer, do you love when a wacky play like that is called and works?

Here’s what I don’t like about it: Nearly all of the questions in my inbox are about it. Was it really that exciting? It didn’t overly excite me.

Nick from Milford, DE

You were right. The Saints are better than what their record says, and it’s kind of got me worried.

I’m worried about my hearing. The noise in this building is deafening, and it’s not the crowd noise, it’s music being played over the speakers. This is the most painful working environment of my career.

Kevin from Murfreesboro, TN

Vic, can our defense really handle a shootout for 60 minutes?

We’re going to find out.

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News now! Packers, Saints tied 10-10 after first quarter

Posted by Vic Ketchman, packers.com editor on October 26, 2014 – 8:09 pm

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

NEW ORLEANS–In a first quarter played at breakneck speed, the Packers and Saints produced a 10-10 tie.

The Packers won the coin toss and elected to receive. On the fifth play of the game, Aaron Rodgers hit Randall Cobb for a 70-yard touchdown pass on third-and-10.

New Orleans responded with a 14-yard run by Mark Ingram. A few plays later, Drew Brees hit Kenny Stills for 45 yards to the 4-yard line, from where Brandin Cooks scored on the next play. The score was 7-7 with 9:20 to play in the first quarter and the shootout was on.

Rodgers immediately went back to work with a pass for a first down to Andrew Quarless. A screen pass to Eddie Lacy roared down the sideline for 67 yards to the Saints 3-yard line. On second-and-goal, Rodgers threw for Julius Peppers out of a strange formation that produced a dropped pass by Peppers. On third-and-goal, Rodgers was sacked. Mason Crosby came on to kick a 31-yard field goal, and the Packers led, 10-7.

Coach Mike McCarthy ordered an onside kick that sailed out of bounds, leaving the Saints to start at the Packers 46. The Saints quickly moved into the red zone, but on third-and-8 Peppers sacked Brees and forced a field goal that tied the game with 1:42 to play in the first quarter.

Rookie wide receiver Davante Adams got into the action on the next series, catching a 14-yard pass, and that was followed by a pass to Cobb for 27 yards to the Saints 37. An 8-yard pass to Jordy Nelson ended the quarter.






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Morgan Burnett out; Packers-Saints inactives

Posted by Duke Bobber on October 26, 2014 – 6:00 pm

The following players have been declared as inactive for Sunday night’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers
16 QB Scott Tolzien
37 CB Sam Shields
42 S Morgan Burnett
54 LB Carl Bradford
72 C Garth Gerhart
83 WR Jeff Janis
95 DE Datone Jones

On defense, 31 CB Davon House starts for Shields, 21 S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix starts for Burnett, and 93 DE Josh Boyd starts for Jones.

New Orleans Saints
13 WR Joseph Morgan
23 RB Pierre Thomas
29 RB Khiry Robinson
33 CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste
55 C Jonathan Goodwin
58 LB Kyle Knox
88 WR Nick Toon

On offense, 68 C Tim Lelito starts for Goodwin.

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