What the Packers were saying after Thursday’s win over Saints

Posted by Duke Bobber on September 3, 2015 – 10:44 pm

(opening statement) “I’ll start by saying I’m just very pleased with how we concluded the preseason. The reality of it all is it is obviously always fun to win, and it was a great environment tonight, as it always is here at Lambeau. We competed against an excellent opponent and a very well coached opponent. (I am) just very proud of all of our young players, just reflecting walking off the field and just seeing the smiles and the excitement they are going through in the locker room. When you think about the first day they got here, and thinking about how these guys have improved and really took full advantage of an opportunity tonight. I thought the football game in the second half was impressive and I’m very proud of our young players. You can’t help but think, frankly, now the process starts where we have to prepare to release 22 players. The next 48 hours is one of the toughest things we have to go through as a football operation. We’ll start that process immediately, but just to wrap it up, (I am) very, very proud of our young players with the energy and enthusiasm and just the way they flew around tonight. With that, I’ll take your questions.”

(on Brett Hundley’s progress) “Brett Hundley is a heck of a football player. I always enjoyed watching him on TV when he played for UCLA. Jim Mora does a good job out there. Coming here, he’s just a conscientious young man and wanted to do things right. He fully realized the opportunity that was in front of him, the room that he was in with Aaron Rodgers and the other quarterbacks. I just really like his approach and the way he’s gone about it. He’s picked it up quickly. You don’t really get those reps as a young player. The last two weeks have been huge for Brett just for the fact that he’s been able to get out there and play and see some different things. He’s performed very well. I think he’s off to an excellent start.”

(on the potential of Hundley two or three years from now) “I’m taking it day by day. Brett’s going to work hard each and every day. He has a lot to offer as a young man and we knew that when we drafted him. There’s a lot there to work with. He has a lot in front of him, there’s a lot to learn and it’s been exciting watching him get off to a good start.”

(on how he feels about his receiving corps) “I like our receivers. We’re going to have tough decisions to make and I thought particularly the young guys really stepped up tonight and made plays. Myles White, he’s put two back-to-back games together. It was good to have Jared (Abbrederis) out there. All those guys made plays tonight. We ran the ball well, threw the ball well, the young guys did well.”

(on Jared Abbrederis) “Well, number one, just getting some opportunities. His availability, he practiced the first practice (of training camp) and he was able to practice twice this week. You create a 90-man roster, you go down to 75 and you try to get as much information on each and every player and it was no different with Jared.”

(on if his team is ready for the season) “Ready or not, here it comes. It’s here. But really, the next 48 hours is what’s most important. We’ll make sure we get our 53 set and get our practice squad set. We’ll get going on Chicago on Monday. I’m not really thinking about Chicago right now. We’ve had some preliminary work we were able to get done in training camp. That’s been a benefit. We know that’s going to be a big challenge. We’ll talk about that Monday.”

(on Myles White) “Hard worker. Myles White has been right in the middle of everything. Every time we challenge him, whether it’s in the weight room, he’s responded, whether it’s special teams, he’s responded. I think he’s put together, without watching the tape yet, but it looks like he’s put together two good games.”

(on if he has seen enough from his starting defense to know what he has) “Starting defense, well, we really haven’t played them all together. We’ll be ready. I think, like a lot of things, everybody wants to come out of preseason playing really good football and so forth and so forth. But the longer I do this job, you have to be realistic about these preseasons. They go in different directions. You just have to make sure you get as much accomplished as you can. I’m going to quote Marty Schottenheimer here, it takes two or three games to really establish your team identity. You know what you want to be and how you train, and what you want it to look like, but the reality of it is, until you start playing the real games, that’s when it shows up.”

(on special teams) “They got better tonight. The operation was clean in the punt, the kickoff and the field goals. We had the one field goal rush. I thought the mechanic of the players going in and out (went well), and the fourth game is always the toughest game because obviously you’re operating with less people. But from what I saw, I thought the special teams did a lot of good things.”

(on the cuts among the offensive line) “I think all of our offensive linemen played well tonight. Guys that got the opportunity tonight, from what I saw, I thought they took full advantage of it.”

(on Micah Hyde’s chances of playing in the Bears game) “I haven’t even gone up there on Micah and the guys that were out. We’ll have it for you on Monday.”

(on Demetri Goodson) “I think I’ll have a better handle on it come Monday.”

(on Jared Abbrederis as a punt returner) “Well, just kind of what you saw in college. He’s very natural. He doesn’t flinch. He’s experienced at it, number one. I think any time you see the returner able to have the patience and the cleanness (to) not waste a step on a tight coverage reception tells you a little bit about the guy. He’s got quickness. He has good vision. Just from what I saw on the replays, it looked like his reads were correct. It was good to get him those opportunities.”


(on why things were clicking so well on offense) “It’s just fun to go out there and have some fun. Really, that’s the least I can say. The (offensive) line was doing a great job, the receivers were doing an amazing job. They were winning the one-on-one battles. Running backs were running the football very well and our offense was clicking. We just got out there, had some fun, put some drives together, had a couple big explosive plays and (we were) just having some fun.”

(on if the four TD passes surprised him) “It’s a blessing. I’m just out there having fun and doing what I was drafted to do – play quarterback and have some fun – and I said I’ll work hard when I get here. The hard work is paying off, but I’ve still got a lot to do.”

(on likely being the highest ranked rookie quarterback in the NFL this preseason) “It’s an awesome experience. It’s a blessing. It’s a lot of hard work. It’s great to have the highest rating, but it’s a testament to the guys I’m playing with. The (offensive) line, receivers, running backs – they’re winning, they’re doing their job and we’re all out there just having fun. It’s a blessing to be in that position but I’ve still got a lot of work to do.”

(on how much the coaching staff has changed him in the last five months) “A whole lot. They’ve done a great job. Not only the coaching staff, (but) Aaron Rodgers and Scott Tolzien. They’ve really helped me develop as a quarterback and I still have a lot of stuff to work on, but man, it’s been a fun process. From when I first got here doing OTAs to now, the end of preseason, I felt like I’ve put together a great preseason and I’m just ready to keep working and keep learning.”

(on if he feels he’s better than a practice squad player) “I feel like I still have a lot to learn. I think that’s the easiest way to answer it. I’ve only been in the league for a couple months. I have a lot of faith and confidence in my ability, so I feel like I can play on the field and help any team out. But right now I’ve been called to help out the Packers and I’m having a great time doing it. Aaron (Rodgers) is a great quarterback, Scott’s (Tolzien) a great quarterback and to be able to learn from guys like that and be around this kind of facility is hands down the greatest opportunity any quarterback could ask for.”

(on if he’s prepared for his decreased workload going into the regular season) “It is what it is. Aaron (Rodgers) is the greatest quarterback playing the game right now and it’s an awesome experience for me to put together a preseason like this and now understand that I get to learn and really just see the best quarterback play the game. I always said I wanted to be the best some day and God has placed me in this position to learn from a great quarterback. That’s Aaron Rodgers right now, and I’m going to have a great time doing it.”

(on if he’s created a backup quarterback controversy) “That’s not my position to talk on. I’m just here playing football. I’m going to keep playing football and I’m going to love doing it. I’m having a good time right now playing with the guys that I’m around, and that’s up to the coaches.”


(on the game and his opportunities tonight) “I’m pretty sore right now but it was fun being out there. The crowd was awesome and it was just a fun experience to be out there.”

(on if he did enough to make the team) “I don’t really think about that. There’s nothing you can really do. You run the routes that you’re told, and at the end of the day, whatever happens, happens. So I’m not really worried about it. We’ll see what happens.”

(on his punt returns) “It was fun doing that. Obviously I’d like that one back, but it was fun being out there for the first time. I haven’t played a game in a while so just to be out there is a different experience and it was fun. It took a little bit to get used to, but once it got rolling it was just like old times.”

(on his first game experience since 2014 and taking his first hit) “It was good. It was on the first punt return, so popped right up, felt good and wish I would have taken that one to the house. It was a good time.”

(on his expectations for tonight) “I don’t know. I knew I’d play a lot since we only had limited guys, so I knew I’d have opportunities. You just have to go out there and do your best. It was fun and I was just…I didn’t really have many expectations about what would happen. I was just looking forward to the opportunity to kind of see what it was like, and since I really haven’t played a game in a long time.”

(on getting out on the field finally) “Yeah, it was good to get out there and take a couple shots on my one catch, take a couple hits and pop right up, so that felt good to just not really worry about anything. But it’s been a long trip, last year and the beginning of camp this year, so it was fun to be there and we’ll see what happens.”


(on his level of preparation compared to last year coming out of the preseason) “I think a lot more. Having another year of offense under my belt definitely helps and just being in the meeting room with all the veterans, hearing them talk all the time helps a lot. And obviously this preseason has helped, so I feel a lot more comfortable.”

(on doing anything different since Jordy Nelson was injured) “I’ve tried to keep everything the same. I try to just take notes in meetings, whenever anybody points something out, make sure I write it down so when that time comes I’m in the same spot that he needs me to be. Pretty much just film study, film study whenever I get home, trying to make sure I know where I’m going to be on every route.”


(on the upcoming roster cuts) “I don’t know what they’re going to do upstairs. It’s not my job to make that cut. I think I did my part and we’ll see what happens.”

(on making those cuts a tough choice for management) “Yeah, that’s all I want to do is make it tough on them. If they’ve got to cut me, I just hope they have to look the other way to do it.”

(on good timing with another good performance tonight) “I’m glad I was able to finish strong. It was a blessing and hopefully it was enough.”

(on the biggest difference from last year and grading his performance) “Just overall confidence and knowledge of the offense. The more confident and knowledgeable you can be in the offense, the faster you can play and I think I’m playing at a fast level. My routes are very crisp this year just because I have an understanding of the time frame and the time clock with the quarterback.”

(on going through the experience of final cuts last year) “Yeah, it does…I have a very good mindset this year, just making sure that I do what I can on the field and the chips will fall where they may and I’m at ease with that.”


(on if he was looking up at the scoreboard during his touchdown run) “I kind of was looking up and looking out the corner of my eye at the same time to see where he was at because I was running out of gas about that last 20 yards. Yeah, I kind of peeked out the corner of my eye to track to see where he was at.”

(on the logjam at the wide-receiver position right now) “We’re all on the same page pretty much. Basically I’m with the quarterbacks and we’ve all been working these past couple weeks after Jordy went down and Cobb went down, someone has to step up and that’s all we’ve been going over in the classroom.”

(on the emotion of the next 48 hours) “I did all I can do, that’s all that was asked of me. I can only control what I control. I control my play and I think I played pretty well the time I was out there.”

(on his shoulder and if he’s OK) “I’m definitely OK. I landed on it wrong. It’s a sprain and I should be all right by next week.”

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What the Packers were saying after #PHIvsGB

Posted by Duke Bobber on August 30, 2015 – 12:04 am


(opening statement) “I’ll just say that was an eclectic football game for us this evening. As you look at the performance of the first half, particularly the first quarter, it definitely didn’t start the way you want to start a football game. Overall, the three phases didn’t help one another at all. But from that point on, I thought the opportunities (were) created, particularly for a number of our younger players. They benefited from their opportunity tonight. I’m looking forward to the evaluation. This third preseason game and then the fourth preseason game is always a rough week for everybody. There are going to be young men that leave our team come Tuesday. Tonight was about trying to create as many opportunities as we possibly could for those guys. We’re going to have a lot of very good information to evaluate tomorrow as a coaching staff. With that, I’ll take your questions.”

(on Randall Cobb’s injury) “Randall Cobb has a shoulder (injury). Obviously he didn’t return tonight.”

(on Micah Hyde’s injury) “Micah had a neck spasm.”

(on if he thinks Cobb’s injury is as serious as Jordy Nelson’s was last week) “No, I don’t think we’re in that area at all. I saw Randall in the locker room. He was part of the team prayer.”

(on Bryan Bulaga’s injury) “He had an ankle sprain, or maybe more of a bruise.”

(on if it’s getting harder to play veterans in the preseason) “We all have to be practical about this. Number one, the health of your players is at the forefront of everything that you do in your program. Every decision is weighed with an amount of risk. The second and third preseason games there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Part of the plan is to be a little more aggressive in the first game with more reps so you don’t feel the stress of it so much in the second and third games. These are tough contests each and every year because there are so many different variables and they are never exactly the same. Injuries, and why you play certain guys and you don’t play other guys, a lot of it has to do with who they are playing with and what’s around them, too, as far as not only the unit they are playing with, but also the competitions that are going on throughout your team. There’s just a lot of moving parts. But you have to play. You have to play football. I think it’s nonsense to think you can just go and not play your starters throughout preseason. It’s not practical. We all signed up for four preseason football games. That’s what it is.”

(on the defense’s performance) “Just to go back to my opening statement, I think we started poorly as a football team in the first quarter. We looked a little flat in our run defense. We had some communication errors in our coverage. We’ll evaluate that, get all the corrections and calls and adjustments that were made throughout the game and plot the video. This is a tough run for us with a Sunday, Saturday, Thursday schedule. This is the first time we’ve gone that way, so we knew we were going to be stressed at the back end of this preseason schedule. We’ve got to make sure we make do the best we can and get as much work done here in the next couple days before we play the Saints.”

(on Brett Hundley) “Number one, I just wanted to see him play quarterback. That’s the only thing I really told him. Just trust your preparation, the process, everything you’ve gone through to get ready for this game. Get out there and play football just like you always have. I thought he had excellent command of the huddle and the line of scrimmage. He made some adjustments, trusted his feet, his timing playing in the pocket and out of the pocket, which is what you’re looking for. Sometimes young guys take a bit longer to get that. He seemed pretty natural a number of times extending plays. Ball accuracy, decisions, there will be some he will learn from. I thought Brett did a lot of nice things. I thought Matt kept it going. I thought Matt Blanchard played very well. He made the one poor decision on the interception. I’m very proud of our young quarterbacks. They both showed they belonged tonight.”

(on Myles White and Jeff Janis) “Myles, that’s what you’re looking for in Myles. You talk about a young man that has just busted his butt the whole time he’s been here. It’s really exciting to see him have success and he made a number of big plays. Jeff did some things in the passing game offensively.”

(on the special teams) “Special teams was poor. I’m not going to sugarcoat that. We had bad field position time and time again. The holding in the return game, there was way too much of it. Each and every week you play with a different officiating crew, we’re educated on it. Everybody has tendencies. This crew called it tight tonight. It was evident in the first quarter. We did not play with the discipline needed and the fundamentals. Special teams did not have a good evening at all.”

(on Rajion Neal) “I think Rajion is another young guy. You talk about a young man that had an opportunity to be on our practice squad and he’s getting more and more opportunities each and every week throughout this preseason. He’s definitely made plays, particularly the last two weeks with those opportunities, both in the kickoff return and a big time play in the screen. He’s doing a lot of good things. ”

(on if there are more injuries for his team this preseason than in year’s past) “The numbers are average or below average.”

(on if he believes TJ Lang will play in the Bears game) “I would forecast that TJ would line up against the Bears.”


(on tonight’s game) “..going into a regular-season game we’ll be able to scheme a little more, even on offense, defense, all of the above because we’ll have less people. So we’ll know what we’ll be able to do with certain people that we actually have.”

(on seeing Micah Hyde go down with a neck injury) “That’s one of my best friends on the team. I’ll definitely be praying for him. He’s a big piece to our team, defense and special teams, he does a lot for our team. He’s probably the most versatile player on our team. So just to have somebody go down like that and just to hear it’s a neck thing…we hope it’s the best for him and we’ll pray for him and I’ll definitely check up on him tonight, call and go by and see him and everything.”


(on his touchdown play) “It was kind of the same play I scored on last year here and had my first Lambeau Leap. Just an inside fade and Matt (Blanchard) threw a great ball and it was right on, made the catch, so it was a well-executed play.”

(on getting a lot of reps tonight) “Pretty well. I was trying to be a little more physical run-blocking and I kind of cut down on missed assignments, things like that, so I thought it went pretty well.”

(on any loss of confidence getting down early in the game) “Not really. We were just trying to focus on moving the ball and making clean plays.”

(on the value of the preseason, especially for young wide receivers) “They’re really valuable…just to get guys out there to see what they can do and carry things over from practice to the game. I think that’s huge too and that’s what the coaches want to see and that’s what everyone else wants to see.”

(on the young receivers needing to step up after injuries to Cobb/Nelson) “Yeah, definitely. That’s it, we all know we’ve got to step up and everybody that’s a receiver has got to be ready to take reps. I think everyone is ready and we’ll see what happens.”


(on not letting wide receiver injuries affect him) “It’s tough, but it’s really only tough for like a split second because you still have a job to do. Personally, you have a job to do and as a team you have a job to do. And until we know exactly what’s going on, we don’t know anything so we just have to keep moving. Like I said, it’s for a split second and then you’ve got to keep moving.”

(on if the wide receivers took a step forward today) “I believe so. I think we caught the ball well. We all got open today. Myles had a really good game and Jeff had a really good game. Ed came in and played well, he got open. I don’t think he (Ed Williams) had any catches but he got open. I think all of us for the most part stepped up like we were asked to.”


(on where he goes from here heading into last preseason game) “I’ve got to get better. There’s always stuff to clean up. Another thing is, like I just said about technique, I’ve got to get my technique better. I’ve got to play clean…overall just getting the little things down.”


(on QB Hundley working against Philadelphia’s first-team defense) “He definitely got settled in and more comfortable. You could tell his confidence was growing play by play, and he’s going to be a good player in this league.”

(on Hundley in the huddle) “Real calm. Brett’s a funny guy. Quarterback is kind of the mirror for the offense so they always have to remain calm and composed and he did a good job of that.”

(on Blanchard) “Matt did the same. They (Hundley and Blachard) did great jobs and made some great throws and the results speak for themselves. We kind of started late, but at the same time this is the preseason and it’s all about execution.”

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Packers-Seahawks postgame quotes

Posted by Duke Bobber on September 5, 2014 – 6:10 am


(Opening statement…) “It was a very hard defeat this evening. Congratulations to Seattle. I thought they played very well. Really in a nutshell, we didn’t come in here and play a style of football that we seeked by any means. With running the football we weren’t quite where we needed to be. We could not stop the run. Our fundamental inconsistencies throughout the game coincided with timely penalties, to combat the momentum swings. We were not able to swing it back tonight. It was a hard loss, a hard defeat.”

(Did the Seattle offense show you anything that you weren’t expecting…) “Without seeing the video and going through specifics, they ran the ball, they ran it well. It’s an important part of their offense. Marshawn Lynch had a huge night. The action and plays off of that were effective and they were able to hit some downfield throws. But to me it really started with the run game.”

(Thoughts on Percy Harvin and him in the run game…) “It’s similar to the way he was used in Minnesota. Obviously he is a dynamic player. We knew that coming in. They had the ability to run the sweeps off of motion and get him the football out on the perimeter. I think they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish running the football with Marshawn and getting the ball to Percy.”

(Injury update on Bryan Bulaga…) “The trainer told me after the game, “We do not fear it’s a major injury””.

(Thoughts on the physicality of the Seattle run game…) “I think that sometimes you can swing that either way based on the conversation. They (Seattle) broke a lot of tackles. We broke some but probably not enough. We’ll get that through the video.”

I just didn’t like the way that we started the game. I didn’t like our substitution patterns, the burning of the timeouts, special teams and defense. You come into this environment, you have to carry your preparation forward. You have to get into a rhythm and a flow, regardless of if you play on offense or defense or special teams. We fought back but we just couldn’t contain it.”

(What do you think of your team’s 4-3 look tonight…) “I don’t feel very good about anything right now. We’ll see how the video looks. We’ll evaluate every play, we’ll correct it and we’ll move forward.”

(Thought on your team’s fourth and five call in the third quarter…) “I thought that it was an important drive in the game, it was a time, clock issue we kind of ran into. I had a conversation with John (Parry) on the sideline. He still disagrees with me. I thought the clock should have been reset there. So we kind of got up against it. In hindsight, I thought about calling timeout and rethinking that situation. But hey, we thought we had a good play, so you go for it on fourth down.”



(On where the team came up short…) “On the scoreboard.”

(On Kam Chancellor…) “He’s rangy, he tackles well, and he hits people when he gets the chance.”

(On the team’s offensive rhythm…) “I felt the rhythm was pretty good on the first few drives. Obviously we wish we would have gotten the second drive in there for a touchdown, it was disappointing. We moved the ball pretty well at times and a little lull there in the third quarter, but came up short.”

(On Seattle stopping the run…) “They did a good job at that. They played a couple defenses. There was a lot of one-eye and getting a seventh person in the box in their sub-personal. There is a free guy at times in those situations and they tackle well. There weren’t a lot of broken tackles for us, big plays.”

(On facing Seattle’s defense…) “This is the Seattle Seahawks—they are a great defense. You don’t expect to move the ball effectively every down, every drive. You got to make the most of your opportunities and when you’re near the red zone you have to score touchdowns. We had some decent opportunities—the stretch in the third quarter with the interception and safety put us our defense in a bad spot, but you got to score more points.”

(On the interception…) “I missed my spot by about a foot.”

(On center Corey Linsley’s first start…)  “Corey did a great job. He did a really great job. Protection—I thought their protection was really good inside and the snaps were solid. He is learning. This is his first start; he’s a rookie. I thought he did a good job for us.”

(On Seattle’s defensive sets…) “They play their one-eye defense and always tackle well in the secondary. Safeties [tackle well], corners are athletic and linebackers are rangy and when you try to run the ball… those guys come up and make tackles. We didn’t break a lot tackles or have explosive gains in the passing game or running game.”

(On short yardage passing…) We had to hit a lot of checkdowns. We hit Jordy (Nelson) a couple times…to open up some of the underneath staff. When you aren’t breaking a lot of tackles you are going to have a lot of two, three, four-yard gains.”



(On the pass intended for him that was intercepted…)  “It went off my fingertips.  I’ve got to make the play.  Big change in the game.”

(On if concentration was an issue…) “No, I just didn’t catch it.”

(On if crowd noise affected communication…)  “It didn’t affect us on the perimeter at all.  I think the O-line handled it well.  I don’t think we had any false starts or anything.  I think it went well.  Great atmosphere.  Great crowd.”

(On how tough it is to catch up…)  “It’s tough, especially against a defense that makes you go the long way.  They don’t give up any big plays.  They make you earn everything you do.  It’s tough when you get behind.  We knew that we couldn’t waste any opportunities.”

(On if Green Bay missed a chance to make a statement early in the season…)  “It’s one game. Obviously it’s the opener of the season and a lot of hype to it, but it’s one game.  It would have been that way if we had won or lost.  We’ve got a lot more season left.”

(On not being able to carry out the game plan…)  “We just missed on some opportunities.  Aaron and I weren’t able to connect in the end zone.  We normally get that.  We just didn’t tonight.  For the most part we played well.  We just had a couple of plays back-to-back that kind of hurt us and got us out of the game.”

(On if the team can avoid a letdown…)  “I think guys just need to understand that it’s one game.  I know it’s an old cliché, but win or lose, next week you’ve just got to bounce back.  You just have to get better and move forward.”



(On the loss…)  “We’re fine.  There’s no need for any panic right now.  It’s one game.  I am not dismissing the fact that we got beat pretty soundly tonight.  It’s one game.”



(On the outcome of the game…)  “We’ve got to go back to the drawing board. We’re a way better team than that.”

(On what made the difference…)  “They just got after us. That’s the best way I can say it.  They just got after us. You could see it in their eyes.  They just got after us.”

(On what to do next…)  “Watch film.  Take a hard look at it.  I want to spit, the way I played.  I can only speak for myself, but that was a pitiful performance.  We’re way better than that.  Watch the tape, make the corrections.  There are a lot of corrections I need to make in my game.

(On what he hoped to see in run defense…)  “We were hoping to see what any defense hopes to see, and that’s to shut down a running game.  I expected us to come out and play much better ball than we did.  I know I expected myself to play much better ball.  I played pitiful.  I don’t think I’ve played that bad since I was about 8.  Monday we get back to the drawing board.

(On what he would attribute to…)  “It was the bad, bad, bad luck of the draw today.  It’s the NFL.  You’re going to win, you’re going to win big.  You’re going to lose, you’re going to lose big.  That’s just the nature of the beast.”

(On if the defense lost its spirit…)  “I don’t think we ever lost our spirit.  I just don’t think we were playing very good football.  At least I wasn’t playing very good football.  To be a leader of this team I have to lead by example.  The example I set definitely reflected on the way we played.”



(On communicating with Aaron Rodgers…) “I thought we handled that the best out of everything. That has to do with our preparation and everything. There was that one miscommunication between myself and Aaron, and I thought he came up and changed the play at the line, and obviously he got on me like a leader should. I thought that was the best thing we did.”

(On if Aaron handled criticizing him well…) “Without a doubt. That’s a leader right there—that’s the leader of our offense, of this team.”

(On the snap count during no-huddle…) “I felt really comfortable with it—even more comfortable than I thought I was going to be. I am not sure whether we had a miscommunication the whole offensive line—it’s a credit to Josh (Sitton) and T.J. (Lang) as well, they helped me out with anything tonight that I may have missed. That was a good thing we did.”

(On what went poorly…) “It was a combination of things. I don’t know—we’ll have to watch the film.”

(On where the team needs to improve…) “I am a rookie. I am out there trying to get everybody on the same page and I don’t have any comments that would be notable.”

(On his first start…) “It was exciting, it was a heck of a time. It was an honor to play next to and snap the ball to a guy like Aaron. It was an honor to play next to Josh and TJ, and obviously Bryan (Bulaga) and Dave (Bakhtiari) as well. I just can’t thank them enough for all the help they have given me so far and I think did decent for my first start, but obviously that remains to be seen.”



(On the team’s performance…) “We didn’t bring what we started in the preseason. We got to regroup and figure it out.”

(On allowing 36 points…) “Yeah, that’s just not the defense that we can play. It wasn’t it, that wasn’t it. We got to figure out what we did because that is not acceptable.”

(On how the team will respond…) “I think we will respond well. I think everybody will regroup and will be more critical of themselves than any coach will ever be. We will figure this out.”



(On Richard Sherman…) “I mean he is a good corner but when it comes down to it we have got to make plays. We had opportunities; we didn’t capitalize on those opportunities. Regardless of where he is on the field—yeah he is a good player and will make plays—but we have to be better.”

(On what went poorly…) “I don’t know. At the end of the day we didn’t make enough plays. We got outmanned across the board; we got to be better. We know what we are capable of on our side of the ball and we to be better. When it comes down to it, we didn’t make the plays when we had the opportunities and that’s what it comes down to.”

(On how the team will improve…) “We are taking it a week at a time. Obviously we had it handed to us tonight, but we got to go back and watch the film—see what we did well, see what we did bad—go back this next week and get back to it and keep grinding, keep pushing, and hopefully we will turn things around next week.”



(On how to bounce back from a loss…)“You just go about it like you always do—work hard in practice. We put a lot of preparation into each and every single game. We work hard and just go about it like we always do.”

(On facing adversity…) “You are always going to have adversity in the game—it’s just how you react. The main part is picking yourself back up and go about it and shake it off and make the most of each play afterwards… You’re always going to have adversity and you just have to make the most of every single play you get.”

(On how the team will improve…) “We know what we are capable of. We are going to go out—we can’t do anything about this game now—so we are going to practice the way we always have and get ready for this next game and prepare for anything.”

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Packers-Chiefs postgame quotes

Posted by Duke Bobber on August 28, 2014 – 10:43 pm

(opening statement) “That’s exactly how you want to finish your preseason. As I told the football team, after the prayer, I don’t know if I’ve felt this good coming out of the preseason as I do tonight. It’s a group that’s got better each and every week. I really like the mix from an experience standpoint, the veterans and the young players. We’ve hit the targets. The next 48 hours is the worst part of our jobs. I’m very hopeful of the 75 men currently on our roster, all 63 of our opportunities come from that group.”

(on if the decision whether or not to keep three quarterbacks will be a difficult one) “I agree with that. Matt and Scott have both championed the case to be on our football team. I felt very good about their progress from last year through the spring, all the way through training camp. Based on watching it live, I think they both played pretty well tonight. Just the little things, too. There are a number of little things that went on, as far as checks and adjustments and things like that. I thought they both played very well.”

(on if he’ll use all of his time to make cuts) “Absolutely. Absolutely. The most important thing we have in front of us is picking this roster. Our preliminary work on Seattle has been extensive. As far as the game plan, and things like that, we’re in very good shape.”

(on Jayrone Elliot) “Obviously he made a number of big plays. He cramped up there and went back in, and you like to see that. His body of work has been very good.”

(on if this is a Super Bowl team) “I don’t jump out and make statements. Our goal is simply the same every year; we’re here to win championships. That’s what we’re working for. That will never change. That’s a part of being a Green Bay Packer. But with that, we’re not ignorant to the fact that you play 16 games and we have a game coming up here next Thursday.”

(on the upcoming schedule playing a role in deciding to sit so many players) “The game being seven days away was a huge factor in how we decided to approach this game. That goes without being said. As far as our schedule, tomorrow will be similar to a coach’s game plan day. It’d be an in-season Tuesday. Saturday will be kind of like our Monday. We’ll bring the players in late and we’ll just do meetings and everything in house here. We’ll look over the film and Sunday will be an adjusted Wednesday. Monday will be an adjusted Thursday, and then Tuesday’s a Friday. Wednesday, we’ll have our practice and then get on a plane to go to Seattle.”


(on McCarthy’s comments after the game) “He feels that we did a great job with everything and that everybody gave a great effort and unfortunately we won’t be able to have everyone around. So everybody keep their heads up and just keep playing.”

(on the first game against Seattle) “I feel ready. We’ve been taking steps all throughout training camp and I feel like putting the pieces together and I feel like I’m ready. I feel like tonight, I felt real comfortable out there so I’m ready for this next game.”

(on touchdown) “It felt good, I mean, my first real touchdown. Got the two-point conversion against St. Louis but first Lamebau Leap and I had so much adrenaline I was just making sure I didn’t jump up into the box seats because I was feeling it. It was a good feeling though.”


(on the team’s overall good performance tonight) “I was real proud of some of those young guys that got in there, especially that reserve offensive line. [They had] a lot of guys fighting and they executed really well. It was fun to watch, fun to be a part of and that’s kind of the way that you want to go out in the fourth preseason game.”

(on if leading three scoring drives made a statement) “I don’t know. The only thing I’m thinking about is the ones I missed. I know that we had some production, but there’s a couple plays that I’m pretty frustrated about.”

(on what particular play he was upset about) “The fourth-down corner route to ‘Stony’ (TE Jake Stoneburner). I don’t know why, I don’t think I’ve ever done it in my life, but I flinched at a guy coming at me about to hit me and made a bad throw. It’s embarrassing so, yeah, I’d like to have that one back.”

(on what these next days are like for him) “Hopefully they’re really good. I don’t know, I just go home and hang out with my wife and my dogs and go about normal, everyday life and hope you don’t get a call.”

(on facing a playoff-caliber team) “It’s definitely good competition. They obviously have a great team. They have a great coach. But if you look at what they did on defense, they weren’t trying to out-coach us or out-scheme us. We lined up and they played a lot of man-to-man coverage and it was basically just let your guys go – the guys fighting for spots – let them go and have a lot of one-on-one battles. We won a lot of those today and we’d like to think that we could have won some more.”

(on the competition between him and Scott Tolzien) “I’ve said it from day one and it’s true, I’m not just saying it to say it, but I really haven’t paid attention to any competition. I’ve been out there supporting Scott, have never once compared apples to apples or tried to, and I don’t think anybody really does in a competition. But I think both him and I have played well and I think both him and I have made an argument to be on this football team.”


(on knowing ball was coming to him on fourth-down play) “I wasn’t sure but I knew I had a good chance at it so I was looking up and hoping.”

(on fourth-down play) “I just saw the ball in the air and had a chance to make a play and good thing I looked it in and scored the touchdown.”

(on first Lamebau Leap) “It was awesome. The fans are pretty crazy.”

(on final audition) “I think I showed what I can do and I knew coming into this game I had to showcase a little bit more and I think I did pretty well.”

(on proving he deserves spot on roster) “I think so but then again I know I’ve got a lot more work to do and a lot more things I need to work on, so I’m just going to hope for the best.”

(on 62-yard kickoff return) “I just got thrown back there. I was the second kickoff returner and I was just looking to make a play and I saw an opening so I took it and ran with it.”

(on Flynn and Tolzien) “They’re both good guys and they both throw a good ball and they’re both really good quarterbacks, so that’s going to be a tough decision.”

(on pressure regarding roster spots) “There was quite a bit, and like I said, I knew that I had to perform and show once again what I could do so I feel really good about the game and I’m just going to hope for the best.”

(on approaching tonight’s game) “I just approached it just like any other game and tried to just think of it as just another preseason game where I could go out and show what I could do, so that’s how I took it.”


(on what the game film will show) “A lot of guys going hard, playing fast. A few minor mental errors out there that we kind of game-planned for. I had a mental error. I think someone else did, but regardless I think we played hard and fast and did well.”

(on his mental error) “I was the outside zone and went the wrong way.”

(on feeling in control) “Yeah, I did. I actually felt this was,) mentally and in terms of the intangible aspect of the game, I felt the most comfortable out there now. They’ve been telling me to get to the line and make the calls quicker and I felt that I did that better today than I ever have before, so I felt like I got better there.”

(on mindset) “Every game is an opportunity. There’s never a game for me where it’s just another game. I’m not there yet. Every day is another opportunity to get better and today was one of those.”

(on progress tonight against quality opponent) “Coach McCarthy just said that he doesn’t know that he’s ever felt this good after training camp or felt like a team has made this much progress after training camp, so I feel that when a head coach like Coach McCarthy says something like that you know it’s for real. Obviously everybody did a pretty good job tonight and played hard. There’s something to be said for that.”

(on how starting tonight might help against Seattle) “Seattle’s obviously a different environment. It’s going to be a bigger stage and everything but the area I feel I made the most improvement on was making my calls early and often, loud so everyone could hear them, so I felt I got better at that tonight.”


(on how he felt about the game tonight) “I thought guys just played well all together on our offense. Everywhere across the line – offensive line, receivers, running back – everyone that played showed up and played well.”

(on if he feels like he played to the best of his ability) “I think you’re always hard on yourself, [but] I’m definitely pleased. I think our whole offense is pleased with how the game went, but I’m sure when we watch the tape tomorrow you’ll see stuff that you can improve on, like every game. I thought just as a whole offensive unit, guys really came and played hard and played well.”

(on the relationship between him and Flynn despite competing for the same spot) “I like our [quarterback] room, and first and foremost, they’re great guys. It’s truly the most fun I’ve ever had playing football, having those guys in the room. They keep the mood light and it’s been fun in that regard. You spend so much time preparing for these games that you’re always happy for the other guy’s success just because you see how much time we put in it together, so it’s nice when it shows up on game day too.”

(on if he’s ever alternated playing like tonight) “Actually, last preseason we did it by series, actually against the Chiefs, when I was with San Fran[cisco]. That’s a little bit harder just because you’re kind of in and out, juggling. It’s tough to get in a rhythm, but I thought for the most part it went well tonight.”

(on how he would assess his entire summer) “Every day you’re just trying to get better at something and I’m really lucky, honestly. It’s a really good coaching staff here and then obviously playing with Matt [Flynn] and Aaron [Rodgers], that’s a lot of experience in this offense, so you learn a lot every single day. It’s been a great experience for me and I really have enjoyed my time here.”

(on what the next two days are like) “They’re tough no matter what because it’s kind of out of your hands. So you just control what you can control and it’s just tough because this room will never be the same as far as everyone on the roster [that] has to be cut. You build some great relationships and you’re here all hours of the day, so you meet a lot of guys and it’s never easy. I think these are the worst two days of the year coming up.”

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Packers-Raiders postgame quotes

Posted by Duke Bobber on August 23, 2014 – 12:11 am

(overall thoughts) “Our football team improved tonight. You always want to win the game, but you really look at the quality of play and the play style. I think over these three weeks, these first three preseason games, that the play style is kind of what we’re looking for. The quality of play is something that we’ll continue to work on. This penalty environment that we’re in right now is a challenge for everybody and we need to keep working through that. But overall, without viewing the film, I felt like we took a step tonight.”

(on how he feels the number one defensive unit performed) “I think our number one defense, we had that one big play that we gave up, but other than that, I thought we dominated the line of scrimmage. Three-and-outs speak for themselves so I was very pleased with the first unit.”

(on his running backs) “You never have enough running backs; the history around here will speak to that. The goal is to have as many of those guys, particularly those three to line up and play first, second and third downs. We had some things tonight that we’ll definitely learn from, particularly on third down. That’s the goal. We want to line up and keep playing.”

(on if Richard Rodgers is working toward a starting job) “Well, I think it’s obvious that Richard is definitely going to be a big part of it. I think it’s been evident for some time now. As far as starters, once again, we don’t line up and play with 11. We’ve always kept a number of tight ends. I’ve always looked at the tight end position as a four-down position. I really like what Richard has done with his opportunities.”

(on how Scott Tolzien played) “I think Scott, I feel redundant, I still look at him as a young player that is improving. I thought that he definitely improved tonight. We went to what we refer to as a standard huddle with multiple personnel groups and I thought he handled that very well. I liked the way he played tonight.”


(on how he feels about the eight preseason drives he has had) “I think we’re ready. I think it’s been a good preseason. We’ve scored some points, moved the ball, saw what we wanted to see out of our skill players and the offensive line.”

(on if he’s concerned about the hits he took on the second and third series) “No concerns. That’s correctable stuff, that’s good defense, a lot of veteran players on that side of the ball. So they made a couple plays and hit me one time when Richard (Rodgers) let his guy get through and they had a stunt for a sack.”

(on opening at the Seahawks in the regular season) “It’ll be a good test for us. That’s a great football team, they’ve got a great home-field advantage and it’ll be a great environment. We know what that was like in the ’11 season when New Orleans came to us. It’s exciting, you’re at home, it’s the first game of the year, so there’s going to be a lot of energy in that place and it’s a tough place to win.”

(on if he’s accomplished more this preseason than previous years) “(Quarterbacks coach) Alex (Van Pelt) challenged me to do a couple things in this preseason and we’ve hit a couple of those, but I think it’s good when you can take a couple shots – not too many – but a couple shots in live action. We had some adversity at times with some poor execution but we still put 20 points on the board and had three scoring drives and a lot of plays in the first half. We had a lot of things we wanted to hit.”

(on how smooth the transition has been with JC Tretter and Richard Rodgers) “Probably more than we thought as far as the smoothness with those two guys. JC’s done a great job. He’s an intelligent guy, he’s a tough player and he’s done a great job. And Richard has really done a good job with his opportunities. He’s a smart guy who’s going to just keep on getting better.”

(on the play of the defense) “They’re playing good. We’ve got a lot of guys who can rush the passer, we’ve got a lot of guys that can cover. It’s just a matter of letting those guys loose. We run a lot of stuff in practice and might not have seen all of it in the preseason, which is normal. But as they start to amp it up a little bit the next few days I’m sure everybody’s going to be excited about what those guys can do.”

(on being able to sustain the offensive pace for a full game) “I’m worried about the offensive line. There’s a couple of guys who are a little overweight (smiling), I think, so they’ve got to work a little harder and be smarter with their eating habits this week and get ready for a long game. This is how we’re going to run the offense. We’ve been doing it in practice, trying to be up-tempo and they’ve got to keep up – and they will.”

(on the improvement of Eddie Lacy) “He was pretty damn good the first year. He’s a great player and he’s going to have a great season for us. He’s a football player. He knows how to play the game, he’s smart. He’s incredible with his blitz pickups and understanding the offense, and he’s just a talented guy. We know what we got in him and we gave him the ball on the first drive a bunch and got him out of there.”


(on defense bouncing back after long TD run) “You’ve got to be happy with the way the defense bounced back. Like I said, we want to go out there and set the tone early. We gave up that long run and then after that we kind of just put our foot down and said no more of that. So you know it was tough that first drive, but after that I felt like we got some momentum and we tried to move in the right direction.”

(on momentum and whether the team is completely ready heading into the regular season) “Definitely not. I don’t think so at all. Like I said, we left some plays out there, you know that long run they had, a couple big passes, we left some plays out there so I don’t think we’re 100 percent ready at all.”

(on getting prepared for the regular season) “Just keep moving every day. Every day just keep getting better. You know we’re going to watch film tomorrow, come in on Sunday and have another practice and get better. That’s all you can ask for right now, the regular season is approaching quick and we got another tune-up, another preseason game, to get ready for.”

(on starters not playing in the fourth preseason game) “I feel like this week of practice is going to be big. You know, knowing that is the case, that starters don’t play that much in the fourth preseason game, I think that practice is going to be huge. We’re going to go out there and throw it around. And I’m sure we’re going to have some stuff for Seattle, but like I said it’s the last tune-up for the regular season.”

(on playing time) “I mean that’s just the way it played out. You know going in I didn’t know how many series I would go, but Coach liked the first drive.”

(on first drive compared to subsequent drives) “I think the defensive line was flowing a lot. The linebackers were flowing a lot, which was opening up the back cut, but after that drive I don’t think they flowed as much so it was kind of difficult for the runner to tell his lanes.”

(on the rest of running backs) “DuJuan had a great night tonight. He had a lot of explosive runs and a screen for 31 yards, I think it was, so he definitely got a lot of work in today and we’re looking forward to the season.”

(on defenses playing him different from rookie season) “I don’t know; I really can’t tell. I mean I’ve had success my only two drives in the preseason so far but you know it’s just preseason Week 1 and I’ll definitely be able to tell if it’s different this year compared to last year.”

(on the depth at running back) “I think it’s great because we have three backs that are able to play at any time so I think going through the season, it’s a long season, so with us three back there we should be able to stay fresh and be able to go fast all season.”

(on what he needs to get better at after this game) “Everything. You need to get better at everything. You need to wrap up better and tackle. It’s always going to be room for improvement.”

(on settling in with the team): “Yeah, I’m pretty comfortable. I feel good. Trying to knock a little rust off before we get to these real games.”


(on his first thoughts) “Disappointed in the loss. We lost to a good football team today. It was a good opportunity to measure ourselves to exactly where we’re at. We’re obviously not there yet as a football team. We’re going to get there, but obviously we’re not there yet. Lot of areas we’ve got to improve, the unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, got to get that cleaned up…We’ve got to learn from that and correct that. That’s my responsibility to get that corrected. Offensively, we’ve got to improve ourselves on the passing game and that’s a full-time team effort. That’s not about one individual. We’ve got to be able to convert third downs and keep those drives alive. I didn’t think our tackling was that good early in the game. I thought midway through the game it got better and then again I thought it got a little sloppy toward the end.”

(on confidence they can accomplish what they have to) “We’ve got a good group of guys that are working hard in there. Really, it comes down to, in a couple instances, a little bit of focus and concentration. We’ve got to continue to work, take advantage of the opportunities.”

(on Khalil Mack looked) “I thought he looked like how I thought he would look. I’ve been saying all along that he’s going to be a factor for us and he’s going to be an explosive player for us and I thought we saw some of that today. He’s still got a long way to go, got a lot of things he’s got to get better, but I think we all saw some of the things he can bring to the table.”

(on updates about Sio Moore) “The initial word is a neck strain, I don’t know what kind of timeline that means. The most encouraging thing is that he is fine. I think he’s back here in the building.”

(on progress of passing game) “In the National Football League, there’s not a lot of wide open guys. You’ve got to be able to play in a contested environment. That’s what NFL football is all about.”

(on Matt Schaub) “I think I would need to look at the tape and see where we’re at. We’ve got to improve in the passing game. Matt’s part of that, but everybody else is part of that too.”


(on how close they are to getting things worked out) “We better be close to being ready for the regular season shortly. We got off to a good start, which is what we wanted to do. We sort of stubbed our toe a few times there especially in the second quarter. We just didn’t execute. We need to be better than that.”

(on whether it is a unit-wide problem) “This game, especially on the road against a good opponent, you need everyone doing their job each and every play.”

(on the biggest things they need to work on) “Be more consistent on first, second and third down. First drive of the game, throughout the whole thing, play at a high level and play at that standard consistently.”

(on the game) “I feel like we are getting better every time we take the field. We had a couple opportunities that we let slip away on our part that really didn’t have anything to do with their defense, but I have been over there. That is a great football team. They have a lot of good players over there, a good coach, and I think they will be a playoff team. It was a good challenge for us to be able to go against a defense like that.”

(on if he thinks the Packers defense will be improved this season) “I think they all understand each other pretty well and I think that is what is helping them out right now. They have a real good feel for one another. They are going out there trusting one another and playing with each other. I think if they can stay healthy they will be a great defense.”

(on transitioning from Green Bay to Oakland) “It is going good. I love it. I am just excited about the challenge to help get this organization back on the right track. This has been a winning organization in the past. We have some work to do. It was a good challenge for us today, but we accept the challenge and we are going to get better.”

(on Green Bay’s no-huddle offense) “That no-huddle is a beast. It can keep a defense on its heels. You have a quarterback that is smart as he is in picking up what you are trying to do. They kept us off balance that first drive and went down there and scored easily. I felt like we settled down a little bit, but then we had some penalties that kept it alive on third down. So I felt like we played well against them aside from that first drive.”

(on being back in Green Bay) “There was a lot of love out there and I could feel it. There were a lot of people chanting my name. I could still see a lot of 21 jerseys. It felt good to go out there and receive that kind of welcome. It was exactly what I felt like it would be because the fans here understand that when I went out there, I left it all on the field every week.”

(on rookie linebacker Khalil Mack) “He is a young guy that has a lot on his plate, but I think he is going to be fine. You saw the flashes tonight with his interception on the screen play. Those are the types of plays that he has the potential to make and we are confident that he will make those going forward. We feel like he is going to be a great player.”

(on his first quarter sack) “It was good defensive call. Our linebacker on that side did a great job of coming over there and freeing me up and I was the one that got the glory.”

(on limiting Green Bay’s offense after their first touchdown) “It was just guys doing what they are supposed to do. Guys being where they are supposed to be and not doing other people’s jobs. Once we got all the guys on the same page we were able to make some plays. I feel pretty good about our starting defense.”

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The Last Word: Packers-Cardinals postgame quotes

Posted by Duke Bobber on August 9, 2013 – 11:39 pm

(opening statement) “Tonight’s contest, obviously not exactly where you would like to start in preseason game No. 1. Tonight here on our home field, as you look at the game, from my view, the things that I was able to evaluate, the first thing that jumps out, offensively, was obviously the turnovers. Everybody has a formula for success, and our ability to take care of the football, it’s something that all teams obviously stress, but we have a time commitment and an emphasis on a daily basis. Both our turnovers tonight factored into points for Arizona. We did not take care of the ball; we did not take the ball away. I don’t think we did a very good job when we had opportunities, particularly the second and third man in, whether it was our coverage units, or our defense trying to take the football away. You’ve got to take care of the ball and take it away. The big plays against our defense were a factor. Our offense’s inability to convert third downs and extend drives was a factor. The big play production offensively, it’s something that we obviously have to take a look at the film and look at the opportunities we had there. Everybody got to play tonight. We’ve got a lot of film on a lot of guys. I feel like creating opportunities, which was a focus going into the game, we accomplished that.  We’ll make a harder evaluation on it in the morning. The players are in at nine a.m. for lifting; we will grade the tape, and go through it with the players in the afternoon. This is step one. This is where we are.”

(on if anything positive immediately stands out) “There’s always a couple guys jump out. It’s a little difficult for me personally to watch individuals because I’m calling a game. When you call a game with four different quarterbacks and Aaron and Graham, with their development, and Vince has only been here a couple days, BJ is a younger guy, playing with a lot of younger players, so there’s just a lot of moving parts. There’s going to be things tomorrow, as I stand here, you never feel good when you don’t win a game, but it is the preseason. There were good things to come out of it, and then there will be things that were not very good. But you’re going to definitely see that they were correctable. That’s why you evaluate the tape, and that’s why you spend the extra time with the players.”

(on Graham Harrell’s interception) “I think the interception, not seeing a clear replay of it, I think the quarterback and the receiver will both be corrected on that, based on what I saw. That’s probably going to be more clear once we watch the video.”

(on Vince Young) “My goal with Vince was to get him about 10 or 12 snaps. He’s only been here a couple days. Just wanted to get him where he can go play quarterback. If you’ve been down at practice, particularly yesterday’s practice, I didn’t think I did a very good job of getting him things he’s comfortable with. We were able to spend some time this morning and ironed out a package for him. I thought he did some nice things. I’m trying to think of his two third downs. He had the one competitive throw, with the contact on their sideline, and he had the one that was dropped. We had a double move shot, I’m not exactly sure what happened there, why the ball wasn’t thrown or how the route ended up. It was good just to get him out there. I wanted to get him out there. He hasn’t played football in a year. Obviously, the quarterback position is a little different than playing other positions, so I was happy to get him in the game, get him in the flow of the game and definitely get him started, and we’ll try to do more with him next week.”

(on the performance of Tyrone Walker) “Tyrone Walker obviously had a productive night with his performance, with the five catches. I think he’s an excellent example of the whole wide receiver group. They’ve gone out competitively every day and performed. I thought he definitely took a step tonight.”

(on whether James Starks scored on the first drive) “I don’t think my opinion really matters, but it sure looked like it on the replay. We’ve got that beautiful replay board up there and it seemed that his knees may have been off the ground, and he for sure reached the ball across. But it’s still a zero on the scoreboard.”

(on the first drive) “It was OK. You’ve got to cash that in. We converted third down there, James (Jones) made a nice route, nice catch. But we’ve got to get that ball in the end zone. (We had) a little miscommunication on the incompletion on the left side to James (Jones) and then we tried to stuff it up in there from about a yard out. They did a good job on defense of being stout and we’ve got to get seven on the board there, but I think overall it was good for us to move the ball. I think we had over 10 plays on that drive, pretty good tempo and David (Bakhtiari) got his feet wet, which was important for us. We’ve just got to improve, watch this film and move forward.”

(on the play of Bakhtiari) “I didn’t get touched tonight. We had a few dropbacks – I think five attempts – so I’m sure he was pretty good over there. It’s nice when you’re not worried about him and tonight I wasn’t worried about him. He’s a confident kid, I think he’s got a bright future for us. It’s about experience and going against good pass rushers, and next week will be a good challenge with those guys they have in St. Louis.”

(on Graham Harrell’s performance) “I think Graham has had a real good camp. I think he’s made some good plays in practice. Tonight was obviously probably frustrating for him. There were not a lot of opportunities out there. You just have to take care of the ball in the preseason. Preseason football is a different animal though. I’ve been there three years playing with the second unit. It’s tough. A lot of stuff can happen, some confusion at times, so I’m sure they’ll all look at the film. We’ll watch it tomorrow and everybody’s got to get better.”

(on the lack of big plays for the offense) “Our offense was pretty stagnant. We didn’t have the big chunk plays. I don’t know if we had what we call explosive plays after the first drive – the 16-yard pass or the 12-yard run. We just couldn’t run the ball effectively and get those creases and get our back on the safety and didn’t convert in the passing game. (We) had some chances. We’ve got to catch the ball a little bit better and we’ll get better.”

(on the crowd’s size and energy level) “It was louder I think than a preseason game. We didn’t give the fans a lot to cheer about tonight, but it’s exciting to look around that stadium and see how much has changed in my nine years here. The team obviously puts money back in the organization and it’s great to be a Packer.”

(on what he takes away from a game like this) “I think the No. 1 thing for myself, you want to be able to walk out of here, so I’ve got that one checked off. Second, and obviously more important, is you want to move the ball effectively and we did a good job at that. You want to score points. We didn’t have any points tonight on our one drive, so that’s frustrating. I think overall, as Mike (McCarthy) said after the game, the energy wasn’t there. You expect, especially with this many young guys playing, a little more energy from some of those second and third groups. We didn’t have that tonight. I don’t know if we’re a little fatigued or not, but we need to bring a little bit extra next week and start to get this thing working the right way.”


(on his personal performance) “It was a good first game-like scenario. I’m happy where I was, but there’s room to improve. I didn’t feel overwhelmed, that’s probably the best way to put it. ”

(on the biggest difference between practice and the game) “I think the tempo – there’s not a selected number of plays. It can go anywhere from three plays to I think on the first drive we had 12 plays, so that was probably the biggest thing. Then, obviously being in the stadium in front of 80,000 fans and not hitting our teammates is different.”

(on battling any pregame jitters) “To be honest, I think I probably had more jitters in college than I did for this game. Like I’ve been preaching earlier this week, I’ve just kind of been trying to keep a level head and keep a calm mind about it – just playing my game and just playing left tackle. I felt good out there, so I’m going to continue to keep that kind of mindset going forward.”

(on if tonight’s game was a confidence booster for him) “Of course. It definitely makes me feel more comfortable and definitely makes me believe more in myself, but it’s only one half of one preseason game. I still need to get a full game in and see how I can do through four quarters.”


(on his return game) “I love returning. It’s growing on me. It’s definitely new to me, but I love being back there. I have a lot to work on – I’ve got to stop thinking so much and just go attack it – but I enjoy it.”

(on finally playing against another team) “It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to play this game of football. I’ve been away from UCLA for awhile, so I was excited to get out there and play a game.”

(on his experience with the Packers) “It’s been great. Alex (Green) is like my big brother and everybody else is so great and so welcoming. They’re so willing to teach us and help us learn.”

(on his biggest challenge in tonight’s game) “I would say just getting adjusted to the game speed and tempo, things like that. It’s football. Anything new is going to take awhile to get adjusted to. I was excited to get through the first jitters and the first game.”


(on if getting back on the football field was worth the wait) “Yeah it’s been worth the wait. I can’t even explain the feeling that I have to be here right now. I always thought that I would be back; I just didn’t know how long it would take. I just kept praying about it and kept the faith and now I’m here. I’m just pushing to better myself and help better the team, and I’m going to continue to do that in practice and in these preseason games.”

(on the defense’s performance) “We feel pretty good. We’ve just got to keep working hard. We still have three more games in the preseason and we’ve got to continue to work with each other and get better.”

(on the support from Packers fans) “It’s awesome. There are no other fans like the Pack fans. They were there with me from day one and they’re still with me today, and I can’t even explain the way I feel about those fans.”

(on the defensive play today) “Whether it’s Pop Warner, high school or college, a shutout is a shutout, and I’m really proud of our defense. We got our hands on a couple of balls and had a chance for a couple more.”

(on the offensive play today) “We have a long ways to go. We left way too many points on the field and dropped too many easy passes. Overall, I liked the way our older guys played, and some of the younger guys stepped up.”

(on playing two running backs the entire game) “I was really happy we got through the game with two running backs. I can’t say enough about Stepfan (Taylor) and Alfonso (Smith) for stepping up when Rashard (Mendenhall) couldn’t go, but we just weren’t going to push that knee until he is ready to roll.”

(on the offensive line play) “I thought overall our quarterbacks were pretty clean. I’ll have to look at the tape, but I know Carson (Palmer) was real clean and I know Drew (Stanton), for the majority, was clean until he got himself in trouble a couple of times running around. I’m anxious to see the tape.”

(on the goal-line stand) “We talk about defending every blade of grass and they got themselves in a tough situation, but that’s something you can build on.”

(on playing against a real opponent) “It was great. You get sick of seeing each other every day, and I think the two-week mark or two-and-a-half-week mark you get sick of seeing each other. It was good to be back. It’s a small step, but we have a long ways to go before we get to St. Louis.”

(on the protection from the offensive line) “I thought the first and second group did a phenomenal job. I know when I was in I didn’t have anyone around me at all and Drew (Stanton) had a lot of time when he was back there too. It’s good to see the first group go up against a good pass rush like Clay Matthews and all the playmakers they have, and the second group came in and did a good job too.”

(on the defense posting the shutout) “I wasn’t really surprised. You go against the starters, and we know we have a good starting defense, but we have a lot of good backups out there and a lot of guys fighting for jobs. It’s just good to see those guys have a zero on the scoreboard going into halftime, and just to see the pride to keep that zero in the third and fourth quarter, it was really good to see.”

(on getting a win) “It’s good to get a win, but we know it’s the preseason and we realized that we weren’t going to get a lot of opportunities. It’s definitely something to look at and learn from and have some confidence about, but we have to continue to work and we have a long ways to go.”

(on his forced-fumble sack) “I got a good jump on the ball and I was able to get the ball out. It was a good play for the preseason, but I am just trying to get back into regular-season shape.”

(on his new defensive teammates) “We have some really good players here. We have a lot of guys that can makes plays on the ball. We have a lot of older guys that know football and understand that turnovers is what will make a team good.”

(on his interception) “They ran a slant flat combination, it was almost like a pick route and I kind of read it a little bit. I kind of lured the receiver into the pick and I ran over and the quarterback threw it right to me. I beat him to the spot and became a receiver on that play.”

(on the defense tonight) “I thought we had a great game plan tonight. We came out and played fast. We wanted to stop the run early and I thought we played aggressive with the first, second and third group. I thought we got our hands on a lot of balls, batted a lot of balls, and got a couple of turnovers as well.”

(on expectations for the defense this year) “I think we have a better all-around defense this year. I believe that the entire secondary is guys that have been in the league awhile and guys that have been in big games. I believe that we can compete with the best of them.”

(on shutting out Green Bay tonight) “If you pitch a shutout, that is definitely something to get motivated off of, especially with an all new coaching staff and pretty much an all new organization. We came out and played fast, pitched a shutout and we feel great about it.”

(on his touchdown catch) “It was a perfect ball. All that I had to do was run down the field and catch it. We wanted to go deep after the change of possession. It was a good throw.”

(on developing chemistry with QB Carson Palmer) “It is getting better and better every day. That is what we work on in training camp. Obviously it isn’t perfect, nothing is perfect. As long as we get it better by the start of the season we will be pretty happy.”

(on playing in a new offense) “It is a change of course and with change you kind of hesitate about it, but I am enjoying it. I like the coaches and I am especially liking the new offense of throwing the ball down field a lot. As a receiver you have to love that.”

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